Access Get Password And Remove

Access Get Password And Remove 2.1

Gains access to password-protected elements
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Remove or bypass privacy protection and security measures by recovering lost or forgotten MS Access MDB database passwords up to 20 characters long. The suite also has editing features for accessed and saved passwords to change them, as well as a removal tool.

"Microsoft Access. Incorrect password". Can you imagine how many people all over the world have seen this message? Every day a lot of people lose or forget their passwords to MS Access databases. A lot of people do, but now you will forget about this trouble. Here, we proudly present the solution of this problem. Access Get Password and Remove is a powerful utility, which recovers lost or forgotten MS Access MDB database passwords. It is a compact easy-to-use tool. It is not necessary to have great professional skills in computers in order to use this software. Even if you are a newcomer in computers, it solves your problems. Besides, the additional, bonus features of this program are: MDB password manipulations, such as removal, and changing of the password. A user can easily change or remove the MS Access DB password within the program, without using the original MS Access. That is why this utility can be used not only by individual customers but also by system, database administrators, security engineers and technical support personnel of any company or organization. The software works with MS Access 95-2000, XP, 2003 MDB format databases. The key features are: retrieving the password up to 20 characters long, multi-encoding support, hexadecimal password dump, drag-and-drop technique, changing the password, removing the password, saving the unlocked password to a text file. Additionally, our registered customers have an ability to use our online data recovery assistance. The customers who bought the Access Get Password and Remove have one free coupon for online MDB data recovery assistance and discounts for any other data recovery (*.mdb,*.doc,*.rtf,*.docx,*.dot,*.dotx,*.xls,*.xlt,*.xlsx,*.xltx,*.dbx,*.mbx,*.wab,*.pst,*.ost,*.edb,*.stm,*.ppt,*.pps,*.zip,*.rar). Our certified specialists will be happy to solve your problems.

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